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I have been called by God to serve Him through ministry to the orphan children of Africa! I have just started this journey! My prayer is that God will grant me wings so that I may swiftly arrive on the field! Please pray for his guiding!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Welcome Back to Blogspot

Wow, it appears as if my last post was about 5 years ago! I got out of the blogging and into the facebooking along with most everyone else. I have decided to reinstate my blog and to start capturing everything God has been doing in my heart and life over the last 20 years that has lead me to surrender to full-time ministry in Africa. I don't plan on sharing detailed information on Facebook at this point of my journey, but thought I could post information here and share with just a few individuals SO please don't pin me, share me or like me! If you have comments leave them here on blogspot! God bless and it is good to be back!

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Becky said...

Cool! I look forward to seeing what God is doing in your life. Welcome to the ministry! It is a great adventure that you have embarked upon. To God be the glory!!